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Seattle Flute Society

106 16th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

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The Seattle Flute Society presents recitals and masterclasses by distinguished artists - performers of classical, jazz, baroque, ethnic and contemporary flute music.

Our members are amateur and professional flutists, teachers, students, flute makers, accompanists, listeners, patrons – anyone interested in the flute. Activities include meetings, ensemble performances, lectures, workshops, discussions, and solo performances by local and international flutists. Also, we sponsor a flute choir which rehearses weekly, and is open to all members. Our newsletter, published regularly between August and May, contains a calendar of events, articles of interest to members, and advertisements from our commercial and individual members.

The general aim and purposes of the Society is to cultivate, promote, foster, sponsor, and develop among its members and the general public the appreciation of the flute as a musical instrument; to develop and further the quality of the instrument itself, and of its related components; to encourage the composition of music for the flute; and to improve the quality of performance of flutists.

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