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november 2018
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Freehold Theatre

1525 Tenth Avenue
Seattle , WA 98122

(206) 323-7499
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Freehold Theatre is an acting studio located on Capitol Hill that for over 16 years has been providing extraordinary and unrivaled training for performers as well as producing theatrical productions. The focus of our training includes striving to integrate organic, truthful roots with extraordinary expression – physically, vocally, and theatrically. Freehold is privileged to have outstanding faculty that include some of the most talented and professional working artists in the community. Current students and alumni alike speak of having the “Freehold experience” where they left with greater skills, more inspired and speaking of having transcended personal limitations and barriers.

In addition to our acting classes, we created our Engaged Theatre Program in 2003 because at the core of our mission is to realize the power of the theatrical event to bring about extraordinary communion between audience and performer. Our program is two-fold. We run a residency program at the Washington Correctional Center for Women and the Monroe Correctional Facility for Men as well as a Summer Tour of a Shakespearean play to prisons and other underserved populations. As part of the prison residency programs, we bring a cadre of talented professional artists to assist the incarcerated men and women in generating their own original work. At the end of the five-month residency, the inmates perform their play for fellow inmates and the public.

To see more about the incredible work happening at Freehold, go to www.freeholdtheatre.org.


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